Adjustable Bed Rating

There are many styles of adjustable beds.

There is no formal adjustable bed rating system in place. Potential buyers should invest the time in comparing beds for what they offer, or do not offer, prior to investing in them. Most beds have improved tremendously since their earlier models. They are no longer as hard to use or uncomfortable to sleep in like hospital beds. Still, not all models are equal.

Adjustable Bed Rating Key Aspects

In order to compare adjustable beds, you will need to look closely at their features. Manufacturers often include manufacturer specific features. These are not often available on all makes and models. For example:

  • Visco-elastic memory foam: This feature may only be available from one manufacturer. Still, look at the quality of such a mattress.
  • Softness adjustments: Some beds, like the Sleep Number bed can be adjusted for softness or hardness.
  • Foot and head adjustments: One key aspect to look for is the way the bed adjusts. Many of the better beds will raise or lower at the head, foot or knee. This gives the user more flexibility in finding a comfortable position.
  • Orthopedic mattress: An orthopedic mattress may be necessary for individuals who have joint or muscular problems. It may cost a bit more than a standard bed mattress, but the quality of sleep will greatly improve for some individuals.
  • Massage features: Some of the higher value adjustable beds feature massages. These massages may be located in the midsection of the bed. Massages are a nice feature, but add a large amount to the cost of the bed. Test out the quality of these massages prior to investing in them.
  • No flip mattress: One key feature to look for when rating adjustable beds is a no flip mattress. Since these mattresses are frequently designed to bend in various directions, flipping them can cause them to be uncomfortable. Look for a quality, no flip mattress.
  • Motor quality: The motor of the adjustable bed may include a warranty. Determine what the warranty covers, the length of the warranty and any additional cost it adds to the price of the bed. Beds with massage features may have two motors.

These are a few of the most important aspects to consider when rating adjustable beds. Most manufacturers will provide detailed explanations of these specific features.

Additional Important Features

A few other aspects can help with rating an adjustable bed. Keep these in mind when comparing models:

  • Mattress type: Common options include air, memory foam and steel coil.
  • Wireless remotes: May be an optional add-on for some manufacturers.
  • Height: For someone who is having difficulty climbing in or out of bed, height is a feature to compare closely. This is often found in the specifications of the bed.
  • Size: Most adjustable beds are available as twin or full size. Some may be larger.
  • Weight restrictions: Many beds have weight restrictions. Common twin size restrictions are up to 300 pounds while full size may be limited to 600 pounds.

Keep Costs in Mind

When shopping for the right adjustable bed, costs are often a factor many buyers deal with. If an individual is dealing with a sleep problem like insomnia or sleep apnea, or a physical disability, check with health insurance companies for potential coverage of the bed. Also, keep in mind that the same model may be available as an off brand. This may mean it has all the same features. and maybe the same manufacturer, just without the brand name.


To compare costs of adjustable beds, first determine which features are must-haves. This may include the size, adjusting method, mattress type and the positioning options available. Then, compare makes and models that offer such specifications. Often, there will be four to six options to compare. Most manufacturers will offer websites allowing simple comparison-shopping.

Adjustable bed rating may seem like a chore, but it allows individuals to select the best bed for their specific needs and for their budget. Compare several manufacturers and models of adjustable beds offered.

Top brands include the following:

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Adjustable Bed Rating