BiPAP Vision

The BiPAP Vision is a sleep apnea treatment.

The BiPAP Vision is a ventilator support system, designed to provide a better way to deliver ventilation to individuals suffering from breathing problems, including sleep apnea. This device is very versatile and is designed to be simple to use. The most important qualities about the device are its ability to be very accurate, highly reliable and easily upgraded.

Key Features of BiPAP Vision

The ventilation system is designed by Philips Respironics. It offers a variety of features that are important to individuals struggling with other BiPAP devices. It is often sought after because it is a lower cost system, compared to others. In addition, it may stop the requirement of intubation (the use of an external tube to allow for better breathing) in some patients.

The key features of the BiPAP Vision help to make it a good choice for many individuals:

  • Fully Integrated Display Screen: The easy-to-read display offers real time graphics to allow for excellent ventilator management. This includes monitoring IPAP, total breathing rate, exhaled tidal volume, patient or total leak, percentage of patient triggered breaths, and more.
  • Several Modes: The device offers several modes including CPAP to keep airway passages open. It also offers a "Proportional Assist Ventilation/Timed Mode", which helps keep the individual comfortable and incorporates a better air flow between the patient and the ventilator.
  • Upgradable: The BiPAP Vision is completely upgradable. This allows for new technologies to be introduced to it in the future, helping to make the machine a good long-term investment.
  • Up to 100 Percent Oxygen: The device allows a mix of oxygen concentrations to be used ranging from 21 percent to 100 percent. The device is unique from others since it does not require any additional, auxiliary oxygen tubing used with the mask for high levels of oxygen.
  • Maintain Pressure: The BiPAP Vision provides the ability to easily regulate the mask pressure to ensure that the device gives the right amount of pressure, in the right location. It also offers automatic adjustments.

To learn more about the specifications of the device, visit the manufacturer's website at You can also find manuals, part numbers and accessories should you need to make replacements over time.

Alarm Module

One of the features that many look for in CPAP and BiPAP devices is an alarm option. The BiPAP Vision provides several alarm options for users:

Unable to Sleep
  • The Vision System design of the BiPAP Vision reduces the chance of the alarm sounding whenever the sleep mask moves or becomes out of place.
  • If an alarm is triggered, the device will instantly display messages on its display. These messages also give information on how to troubleshoot the problem.
  • The alarm can be set to sound for various reasons:
    • Low Rate
    • High Rate
    • Pressure is too high
    • Pressure has dropped too low
    • Apnea is occurring
    • Low minute ventilation is available
  • The alarm module has been designed to be aggressive and more accurate than other devices.

How to Obtain the Device

United States federal law requires that these devices be obtained only on the direct order of your doctor. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and would like to find out if this particular device is right for you, speak with your doctor. Your health insurance provider can tell you if the purchase of this type of equipment is covered under your insurance plan. These particular types of oxygen ventilator support systems are often used in doctor's offices and hospitals and some options are available for at-home use. In terms of quality and features, the BiPAP Vision offers the flexibility to meet patient's needs and provide comfortable mask use.

The photo of the Respironics BiPAP Vision was provided by Respironics.

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