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Sleep Aids
A sound machine may help.

Many people turn to sleep aids to help them get the rest that they need. Aids for better sleep include medication, supplements and products designed to make falling asleep and staying asleep easier. Some of the sleep aids require approval from a physician and it is always a good idea to discuss any sleep problems you have with your doctor.

Sleep Aids

Your physician might recommend prescription or non-prescription sleep aids depending on your sleep problem. Or you may be given suggestions about how to improve your sleep environment such as a more comfortable bed or relaxing background music.

Medication and Supplements

Medications like Trazodone can be beneficial for people who have severe insomnia but many non-prescription sleep aids are available, many without the troublesome side effects associated with prescription drugs.

Supplements are an attractive alternative to prescriptions but it is important to keep in mind that many have side effects. Popular choices are melatonin and Valerian root. Though not prescribed by a physician, it is necessary to discussing using this type of sleep aid with your doctor.

Products and Strategies

Along with medication and supplements for a better night's sleep are products and strategies that can improve sleep. Some people find relief from restlessness using a Sleep Number Bed while others simply use a cassette tape to lull themselves to sleep. Products associated with strategies for improved rest include sleep diaries and logs, which can help identify the source of the sleeping problem.

Sleep Aids