Sleep Problems and Solutions

Article Highlight: Sleep Deprivation Amnesia: Symptoms and Issues

Sleep amnesia is the inability to recall memories and consolidate new memories after a period of sleep deprivation. This can be incredibly uncomfortable and cause a slew of symptoms that negatively impact your life. Keep reading »

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Getting good sleep is necessary for basic health and wellness. If you or someone you love is having trouble sleeping, it's only natural to wonder about potential sources of the problem and to search for possible solutions. While only a qualified medical professional can make a definitive diagnosis, learning about various problems that may impact sleep can help you get started gathering the knowledge that you need for positive change.

Sleep Issues

Sleep problems can be brought on by a wide variety of issues. Learn about some of the most common ones, including:


There are a number of possible solutions for sleep problems. Discover options that you may want to try, under the guidance of your physician:

Conquering Sleep Problems

When you are looking for basic information on sleep problems such as symptoms, causes and treatments, LoveToKnow Sleep Disorders can be a great source of information. While you should not attempt to self-diagnose, the information that you find here can be a great way to start educating yourself about what may be causing the sleep-related challenges you are facing. If you have trouble sleeping on a frequent basis, be sure to see your physician for diagnosis and professional advice.

Sleep Problems and Solutions