Understanding Sleep Needs

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High quality sleep can feel difficult to come by. Over time, lack of good sleep can negatively impact your overall health and wellness. Discussing your sleeping habits with your doctor or a sleep expert can help you find appropriate solutions for your sleep needs. If you've struggled with sleep for a while, you may want to consider discussing the possibility of having a sleep disorder with your doctor as well.

Decoding Your Sleep Needs

Everyone's sleep needs will vary based on a few factors. This may include genetics, age, gender, and your overall activity level. Figuring out what your mind and body need to feel refreshed is a great first step in better understanding your sleep requirements. If it helps, you can use a sleep journal to track how many hours of sleep you're getting and how you feel the morning after. This can assist you in figuring out how many hours of sleep works best for you. You can also leave a notepad or use an app to track your dreams if you find them to be disruptive to your sleep. Jotting down a quick note can help you process your dream so you can get back to sleep more quickly.

Boosting Your Sleep Hygiene

Having good sleep hygiene is a major factor in maintaining your mental health. Having a comfortable pillow and cozy pajamas can make a huge difference in your overall sleep quality so be sure to be on the lookout for these important pieces. For a good night sleep, make sure you take time to unwind after your day. You can practice some self care by taking a bath, journaling, reading, listening to soft music, or doing some light stretching. Find activities that help you release the tension that you may be holding in your body and that truly make you feel relaxed and calm. Engaging in these grounding activities can help set you up for a good night of sleep.

Prioritizing Good Sleep

Consistently getting low quality sleep can negatively impact your mood and overall health. Whether you're dealing with jet lag, or just generally have trouble falling and staying asleep, better understanding your sleep needs can assist you in finding helpful solutions. If you are struggling with sleep and you've already tried to improve your sleep hygiene to no avail, reach out to a sleep specialist or let your doctor know what's going on so you can enjoy a restful night of sleep as soon as possible.

Understanding Sleep Needs