Cervical Support Pillow

Cervical Support Pillow
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A cervical support pillow may be just what you need to sleep better and more comfortably at night. This support pillow is one type of orthopedic pillow. Its specific design allows for ideal placement of the head and shoulders while sleeping. It is often called a contour pillow because of the way the pillow has a curved, or contoured design.

Benefits of the Cervical Support Pillow

Like other support pillows, the cervical pillow is designed to improve sleep by providing more form and support to the head and neck while sleeping. This particular model has several key benefits:

  • Improves neck pain: Because of the design, it helps alleviate the stiffness and pain many individuals have when they wake up. This stiffness no longer occurs because the space between the neck and shoulder has support from the pillow.
  • Relieves headaches: Manufacturers claim that the pillow relieves headaches by improving blood flow to the head, shoulders and neck region.
  • Improves sleep apnea symptoms: Those suffering from sleep apnea may benefit from the contour pillow because of the position the throat and neck is in while sleeping. The pillow allows air passageways to open up freely.
  • Improves snoring: Those who snore may also benefit from the pillow because it opens up the airways located in the neck. The curve of the pillow forces to the head up slightly, relieving the breathing trouble.
  • Improves sleep comfort: Manufacturers believe that the shape of the pillow is ideal for those who sleep on their back or on their side. It provides enough support to the neck to make sleeping more comfortable. It may even help you to fall asleep.

Improvement of Emotional Strain

Most individuals purchase the support pillows for their ability to aid in relieving sleep problems. Another benefit some manufacturers offer is improvement of stress levels. Since sleep is so important to emotional well being, these pillows can also aid in improving certain emotional strains and help with various sleep related illnesses and conditions. For example, the pillow may:

  • Improve stress levels by providing better sleep to an individual
  • Combat the effects of sleep deprivation
  • Relieve fatigue and chronic fatigue problems
  • Help alleviate some anxiety symptoms brought on by a lack of quality sleep
  • Improve mood and mood swings
  • Improve concentration levels by providing better sleep quality

While the effect of the pillow on these sleeping problems has not been fully studied, many believe that they see emotional improvement because of these pillows.

Choosing the Best Neck Support Pillows

There are several manufacturers producing a cervical support pillow. When comparing them, carefully consider price. The most expensive pillows may be overpriced, but the lowest quality may not provide enough support. There are several features to consider carefully when seeking out a support pillow like this:

Poor Quality Pillow
  • Density - Compare them by density since a dense support pillow is often the recommendation. The pillow should still bend and easily shape. A memory foam type product may hold its shape, but is still pliable. Orthopedic pillows like these nearly always require some type of dense foam and fiber mixture.
  • Support - Choose the type of cervical support you need. These pillows are often available in various designs to provide individuals with specified support areas.
  • Design - For those who sleep on their backs, choose a pillow that has a design with a low-neck contour. Other versions are available for individuals who sleep on their sides. Some pillows provide a design that is acceptable to both side and back sleepers. Pillows are also available for children and those who are over 200 pounds.
  • Warranty - Many products offer an immediate money back guarantee, with limitations. The pillow manufacturer may also offer a long-term warranty. Some offer up to a two year guarantee of the pillow's structure and support elements.

Keep in mind that manufacturer products are different. Comparison shop when looking for these pillows as some may be too expensive or not provide enough support.

Cervical Support Pillow