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A Delta Sleep System download may be the solution many people with insomnia seek. The system uses recordings to help lull the listener to sleep. While this approach can be very effective for many, the product has mixed reviews.

Delta Sleep System

The Delta Sleep System is a recording developed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, D.C., BFA. In 1980 Dr. Thompson began experimenting with the effect sounds have on the brain. He is the founder and director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research. Dr. Thompson's first recording is Isle of the Skye, and more than 90 recordings have followed.

Over the years, he developed a sleep sound system that is designed to help promote delta brain waves commonly found in stage three and four during the five stages of sleep. Delta waves are of particular interest because the brain uses this frequency during deep sleep almost exclusively. People suffering from insomnia may find a the system effective in shutting the brain off to sleep and they may find that the recording helps them to stay asleep throughout the night.

What Is a Delta Sleep System Download?

A Delta Sleep System download is a convenient and inexpensive alternative to audio compact discs. The downloadable recording is compatible with iPod, iTunes, MP3 players and Windows Media Player. The download is less expensive than the CD version and it is compatible with a number of different devices.

The download is designed to induce sleep and is more focused on shifting brainwaves than it is to creating aesthetically pleasing audio. The tracks have no vocals and they use a mix of electronic tones and natural sounds. The idea is to stimulate delta wave activity in the brain.

Where to Find Delta Sleep Downloads

Downloads are available online through a number of different resources. You can easily access information about the downloads on the Internet:

  • Learn Out Loud - A generous collection of audio and video educational and self-help recordings
  • iTunes - Reviews as well as shorter downloads by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson for those who are not sure whether to commit to the full download
  • Amazon - A diverse collection of reviews, including ones that are quite promising and ones that are not encouraging. Customers have the option of listening to samples on this website.

Some websites offer free downloads of the sleep recordings but the quality may compromised. This can make the product less effective. In addition, some downloadable files can contain computer viruses or malware.

Using the Download

The recording is a "3-dimensional" presentation. The listener places speakers on both sides of the bed or uses headphones for optimal effectiveness. If the listener has only one speaker, the Center for Neuroacoustic Research suggests placing the speaker at the bottom of the bed, centered according to the sleeper's position.

Those who have difficulty staying asleep may benefit from putting the recording on repeat to promote sleep throughout the night.


Those comparing the best sleep systems may find that the effectiveness of the products are quite subjective. Each person is unique and different products appeal to different personalities. Those who may benefit from a Delta Sleep System download are also frequently attracted to subjects like homeopathy or hypnosis.

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Delta Sleep System Download