EFT for Insomnia

EFT is a natural alternative for insomnia

EFT for insomnia uses a tapping method to help people relax and fall asleep. This practice, which stands for emotional freedom technique, is used for a number of physical and psychological problems as a way of unblocking energy, and releasing stress. It works as a natural sleeping remedy to rid a person of worries about insomnia and emotional stressors that can cause sleep disruptions. It is especially helpful for people who suffer from bouts of insomnia who are open to trying an unusual technique.

Benefits of Using EFT for Insomnia

Unlike many cures for insomnia, EFT does not require any medication, doctor visits, or purchase of a product. It can be done from anywhere and can be done privately without other people knowing you are using it. This technique can be learned at your leisure, it's free to learn, and you don't need any specialized knowing or training to use it.

How to Use EFT for Sleeping

The EFT method uses a tapping technique combined with reciting some phrases that help reduce the stress and worry that insomnia can bring. Here are the steps:

1. Create Your Statement

The first thing to do when using EFT for insomnia or any other condition, is to start with a key phrase that is used to help clear the emotional reaction. It typically runs along the lines of "Even though I am (fill in the blank), I love and accept myself completely." Alternatively, a person could choose another way of phrasing their statement. Here are some examples:

  • "Even though I am worried I'll never fall asleep all night, I love and accept myself completely."
  • "Even though I am concerned about my insomnia, I choose to love and accept myself completely."

The basic premise is to identify the core emotional worry and then to accept it and experience the release through the body.

2. Find the Sore Spot

Next locate a sore spot in the upper left or right area of your chest. You'll know when you've found this spot because it will be tender. Once you've located it, rub it gently in circles a few times as you say your statement. An alternative location is to rub the karate chop area of the hand, which is another spot that experiences soreness.

3. The Tapping

After you say your phrase and rub the sore spot, the main phase of the EFT process is to tap at certain points in the body. These points are believed to be locations where energy gets blocked. Each time you tap a new point, you first say your phrase and then tap gently at the location seven times using your first and second fingers. After you've tapped all the points, the entire process can be repeated until a sense of relief is found. You may need to use many different statements for each round of tapping, but after a couple of rounds it is possible to feel a big difference.

These are the points to tap for a total of seven times at each location after saying your statement:

  1. Eyebrows
  2. Side of eyes
  3. Under eyes
  4. Under nose
  5. Chin
  6. Collarbone
  7. Under the armpits
  8. On all fingers except the ring finger in the location between the nail and the knuckle
  9. The karate chop area of the hand

Learn More About EFT

There are additional ways to practice EFT, but the goal of using certain tapping points and a statement is the same. Here are some good resources:

Final Thoughts

People who practice EFT also believe it can be used to affect other people's energy systems. So, if you have a partner or child who cannot fall asleep or who is experiencing insomnia, you can also do tapping and say statements for that person.

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