Knee Pillow for Sleeping

Pillows don't just belong behind the head

People spend a third of their lives sleeping, which runs to about seven to nine hours per night, on average. Without correct support and alignment of the spine, the knees and hips the body can grow stiff as the muscles become strained and back pain is common. Sleeping in an awkward position or on a hard mattress can create aches and pains that last for days. This is especially the case for people who have arthritis, who are pregnant or who tend to be sore in the morning.

Why Use a Knee Pillow for Sleeping?

One sleep innovation is to use a knee pillow, which works to help relieve pressure in the hips and lower back and is a helpful tool for anyone who has an achy back or who wants extra support for the spine. Knee pillows are most commonly used for side sleepers. This type of sleeping device helps to open the hips, keeps the knees separated, encourages circulation, and keeps stress off the spine and lower back.

Options for Knee Pillows

  • Body pillow: This is a long knee pillow for sleeping that can be used to cradle the knee when you're sleeping on your side, or to open the hip with the leg flopped over when you're sleeping on your back.
  • Hourglass shape pillow: This pillow is designed to contour to the shape of your body and will easily stay in place between the knees. These pillows are often made of memory foam and are good for support.
  • Knee wedge pillow: This is a pyramid shaped pillow that could be for back sleepers who want their knees elevated with a gradual incline.
  • Regular pillow: Another option is to use a normal pillow as a knee pillow by wedging it between the legs or folding it in half.

Where to Buy Knee Pillows

Many different types knee pillows are available. It is recommended to buy from a company that offers a guarantee and it is helpful to have the option to return the pillow if it doesn't provide the support you need. Many pillows seem as if they will work, but when you try it at home, they fall short of expectations. The pillow that you choose should improve sleep and soreness.

Total Body Support

Knee pillows may be effective in keeping the body in alignment during sleep. Nearly anyone can rest in comfort and sleep better with this useful and natural sleep aid, which will have you waking up in the morning with reduced soreness.

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Knee Pillow for Sleeping