Meanings of Dreams

Money dream
Money may symbolize postive things.

Dream interpretation and finding the meaning of dreams is a hobby that some people practice. There are many theories about dreaming and symbols in dreams that can help you discover things about yourself and give you valuable insight.

Why Find Meanings of Dreams?

There are symbols and meanings of many common dreams. These meanings are always personal to the dreamer, but there are also some universal interpretations. Discovering what a dream means to you can be a helpful way to create coping strategies for problems and obstacles in life, so finding meaning in dreams can be helpful. If you're wondering if you're on the right track or not, your dreams might give you a clue.

Making Use of Your Dreams

Many of the dream meanings are based on practical interpretations, such as what an object, symbol, or event might mean in the waking world to you personally. Keep in mind that your own perceptions and associations are likely the most accurate. In many cases of dream interpretation, the actual event or object in the dream is not important, but it's the meaning or symbol behind what happens in the dream that counts, which makes finding the meaning of dreams all the more important. Dreams may represent your emotional life and are a way to process feelings, memories, or lessons you have learned or need to gain. Some believe that they can be prophetic in nature but there is no clinical evidence to support theories about dreams as warnings or messages about the future.

Common Dreams and What They Mean

Many people want to know the meanings of common dreams and their symbols. If you're unsure about how to view a dream or want to know why you're having a particular dream, there are some meanings that have been attributed to certain dreams. Here are some:

  • Animal dreams: Commonly represent primal instincts and the amount of control a person has over their own animalistic instincts.
  • Death or dying: Believe it or not, death or dying in dreams is actually often seem as a positive thing. The death might be interpreted as a new beginning or an ending of a way of life. Alternatively, dreams of death or dying could also be a premonition or a symbol of resentment against a person or way of life.
  • Falling dreams: Indicate fear of losing something, such as status, money, attractiveness, or respect of others.
  • Flying dreams: Symbolize freedom and are a good omen that indicate a person will get past their obstacles and find happiness.
  • Giving birth or being pregnant: New ideas and inspiration are the main symbols that are interpreted by this type of dream. Of course, a woman who wants to have children may have this dream as a wish or desire. Pregnancy and birthing dreams can also be relfect life lessons and fears about pregnancy and child rearing.
  • House dreams: Represent different aspects of a person, with the rooms being the many parts of the person.
  • Money: Money in dreams is often associated with finding power or gaining energy, but this meaning might be conflicted if a person is losing or giving away money.
  • Public Nudity: This dream usually symbolizes feeling insecure or inadequate.
  • Sex dreams: While this type of dream is very personal, it also depends on the emotion that is experienced. If a negative emotion is a result, it might mean there is a problem in a relationship, but if the dream causes good feelings, this may be an indication that your love relationships are improving.
  • Teeth falling out: Dreaming of teeth falling out may denote insecurity. These symbols also are about loss of innocence, uncertainty, and feeling self-conscious.
  • Water dreams: Depending on the type of water and the flow, the dream could mean calmness and good times ahead, or could be a warning of trouble and that rough waters are coming.

Dream Interpretation Tools

As you decide what your dreams mean to you, check out some dream dictionaries and you'll quickly be able to interpret your own dreams. Keeping a dream diary next to your bed is also a great way to remember and find many meanings of dreams.

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Meanings of Dreams