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Oftentimes when people turn to a stop snoring mouthpiece they do so as a result of a spouse's request or because their own sleep in interrupted by the loud snoring they produce every night. It's important to choose a product that has proven results.

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Options

Plenty of manufacturers offer mouthpieces that are designed to either lessen the degree of snoring or to stop it altogether. When choosing a product be sure to choose wisely because it is highly unlikely that a manufacturer will allow returns for a product like this that cannot be resold.

Here are some of the stop snoring mouthpieces available for purchase online and within stores:

  • The Snore Wizard: This is a mouthpiece that is designed to hold the lower jaw slightly forward in an effort to open up the airways during sleep. The cost of this mouthpiece is somewhat expensive at around $60, but the manufacturer estimates the mouthpiece lasting for around nine months which makes the overall cost seem quite reasonable. The Snore Wizard is advertised as easy-to-use and effective in the majority of users in reducing snoring while sleeping.
  • RIP Snore: The premise of this mouthpiece is the same as with the Snore Wizard; push the lower jaw forward in an effort to open up the airways and get rid of snoring. This mouthpiece also attempts to move the position of the tongue while sleeping. The company manufacturing this mouthpiece makes the claim that customers may actually be able to train their mouths to hold the proper position while sleeping, thereby eventually eliminating the need for any type of mouthpiece. This piece costs about $10 more than the Snore Wizard, but has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Snore Mate: This product is designed specifically for people who snore as a result of their weight. The piece is advertised as a great temporary method to utilize to lessen or stop snoring while also making an attempt at losing weight. Unlike the other mouthpieces, this mouthpiece does not allow users to breathe through their mouths while wearing the piece. Users must be able to breathe through their noses while sleeping. The cost is less than the other pieces at around $35, but has a smaller reported success rate than the products listed above.
  • Snor-Ban: Although similar to other stop mouthpieces, this particular product is supposed to be comfortable as well as easy to wear. The product is guaranteed to work by the seller and has a comparable cost as the other pieces at around $60. This product will not work with customers who suffer from Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) pain.

There are many other mouthpieces available at varying costs. Most drugstores offer mouthpieces that are designed to lessen snoring - or stop it altogether - but shopping online may offer more variety as well as potentially better prices.

Professionally Crafted

Many dentists have the technology to craft stop snoring mouthpieces for patients that are customized exactly for the patient. Although these mouthpieces cost much more than ready-made mouthpieces that can be purchased online or within stores, many people prefer to buy pieces that are not only made by a medical professional but which are also made specifically for them.

Snoring as a Symptom

Before turning to a mouthpiece to lessen or stop snoring, it is a good idea to have a visit with a doctor to make sure that the snoring is not a characteristic of a bigger problem. A mouthpiece can improve sleeping for the snorer and spouse, but if the snoring is a result of obesity, sleep apnea, or some other health issue that needs to be addressed, then the piece will only solve the symptom and not the real medical issue.

A doctor may also be able to recommend a certain type of brand of mouthpiece with which patients have had great success.

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Stop Snoring Mouthpiece