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White noise

A white noise generator is a sound mask that can help you cover-up unwanted sounds in your sleep environment.

Sleep and the White Noise Generator

White noise is an effective way of masking environmental sounds whether in the home, the workplace or elsewhere. The sounds can block out the sounds of traffic and daytime noise if you work at night and need to sleep during the day. It's also helpful for blocking out household noises during the night or day if you need to get some sleep.

"White noise" is the common phrase for sound masking. You can find white noise generators in the form of environmental sound machines such as whale song, forest winds, and thunderstorms. White noise can also be generated by a humidifier. The humming sound of the humidifier can blot out external sounds.

How Does White Noise Work?

It may seem disingenuous to use sound to disguise other sounds, but the best description is the headlights on a car. Many cars have day running lights. You might notice them, but they aren't distracting from your drive during the day. At night, however, those day running lights may not be as bright as headlights, but they can still be annoying to look directly at when you are driving. White noise works like daytime with day running lights as the noise.

By focusing on the more soothing, masking sound, you will not hear the external sounds including traffic or people talking. White noise is very popular in corporate workplaces which use cubicles because it dims the noise of other people talking around you and allows you to focus on your work.

Finding the Right White Noise

If you are considering investing in a sound generator, you need to find the sounds that work for you. Not everyone appreciates whale song or thunderstorms. Some don't want ambient sounds as they want noise suppression. Identifying what sound works for you is the first step into picking out the white sound generator you want.

Find White Noise Online

You can find white noise on the Internet that is free to access. Testing white noise online can help you find the right sounds to help you sleep, sharpen your focus, enhance your sense of privacy and even melt away stress and migraines. Sound can even be used to help pacify the cranky baby and soothe nervous pets (particularly if they have an aversion to sharp sounds like thunder or fireworks).

  • SimplyNoise.com - The site offers audio downloads which you can loop in addition to the sound generator on the page that plays white, pink or brown noise. Find the level that works for you and see how it can enhance your focus by blocking out auditory distractions.
  • SoundSleeping.com -This site offers MP3 downloads and an online sound program that lets you mix together the sounds you want.
  • White Sound 24/7 - This site allows you to loop sounds or download favorite tracks to create your own sound suppressing experience.

Need Help Sleeping?

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Tips to Fall Asleep

White noise generators are available online and off. Portable sound generators (like those you can access on a laptop) may provide you with just the right sleep support whether you are on the road or at home.

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