Aisling Dream Interpretation

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Aisling dream interpretation refers to a method of teaching people how to remember and analyze dream. The approach makes a connection between dream symbols and the physical world.

About Aisling Dream Interpretation

Created by Irishman Michael Sheriden, the Aisling Dream Interpretation website is a portal for learning about dreams, as well as spiritual awakening and understanding what is happening in the physical world through dream symbols. The word "aisling" means dream or vision in Irish. The website offers basics about dream interpretation and more advanced knowledge with free articles and courses, all pointing to the importance of dreams as a messenger.

Aspects and Theories

  • An introduction to dream interpretation: According to the author, dreams do have meaning and can help you change your life for the better.
  • Finding answers in your dreams: It is possible that dreams are trying to communicate a message. Knowing how and why this is possible can change various aspects of your life.
  • Psychic ability and your life's purpose: Dreams may be one of the ways that the soul communicates and expresses itself.
  • Seeing auras and spirit guides: Dreams are known to be a possible avenue for learning from spirit guides and messages from the dream world.

What the Website Teaches You

While the Aisling site focuses on the dream world and interpretation, it also covers more practical aspects, including using dreams to improve relationships, find a better career, and even provide feedback on how to restore health. There are both free and paid dream interpretations. Some of the topics covered include:

Analyzing Basics

The section includes a step-by-step formula for dream interpretation. The site provides a logical way to record dreams, use key words to describe what happened, and figure out your wants and needs based on the dream message. There is also a dream dictionary for specific symbols, as well as how to interpret colors and numbers in dreams.

About Health Dreams

Health issues in dreams are highly symbolic. These dreams may serve as a warning sign about physical problems that are being ignored or blocked. One of the messages here is that dreams can perhaps give clues as to why a health problem has developed. Often, it can be due to holding on emotionally to the past.

Health related dreams can be interpreted in different ways according to the area of your body the dream focused on.

  • The digestion and elimination system: This includes dreams in which the person is in the kitchen, dining room, restaurant, or bathroom. Watch for symbols to get clues about possible food allergies or blockages.
  • The circulatory system: This area includes female energy, symbols of the mother, and the color green, which indicates the heart chakra and flow of energy.
  • The reproduction system: Symbols of the bedroom and the color red are linked to this system.
  • The respiratory system: People who smoke or who are trying to quit often see symbols about this system, but it is the least common one in dreams.

Improve Your Life with Dream Interpretation

By using the dream interpretation website and other dream dictionaries online, you can help make dreams easier to understand which may improve your life.

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