Dreams and Nightmares

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Dreams open doors

Mysteries of Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams and nightmares, like many other aspects of sleep, are enigmatic. Some people rest peacefully throughout the night without a single memory of their dreaming experiences. Others find that dreaming interferes with their ability to sleep through the night.

People have gone through great lengths to unravel the mysteries of dreams. Research is ongoing, but some theories about why people dream can offer insight. Dream dictionaries and analyzers can shed light into possible meanings of dreams, but some images are so disturbing, one may wonder what more can be done.  


Nightmares can be downright frightening, and they can interfere with sleep significantly. While the causes of nightmares are generally unknown, their effects on sleep can be devastating. While children are more likely to experience nightmares than adults are, the problem can progress throughout different stages of a person's life.

Night Terrors

Night terrors are nightmares gone haywire. The terrifying nighttime events are like nightmares in that they are more common in children than in adults. However, many adults do suffer from disturbing night terrors.

The episodes seem very real but the events in the nightmare often goes unremembered as the person wakes somewhere between horror and awareness. The images in night terrors often disappear, but the dreamer is left with the dark emotions left behind.

Lucid Dreams

Some dreams are quite memorable. Lucid dreams, often called conscious dreams, occur when the dreamer becomes aware of the dreaming experience. Some people are so intrigued with semiconscious experiences that they invest in strategies and products that are supposed to induce lucid dreams.

Sleep Disorders and Dreaming

Whether you are trying to sort through possible meanings of dreams, or you are trying to overcome recurring night terrors, much information is available. The more you know about dreams, the more likely you are to learn how to deal with them. Dreams and nightmares that disrupt sleep may be a sign that an underlying sleep disorder is present. It is important to discuss your concerns with your doctor as you collect information.  

Dreams and Nightmares