Why Women Dream of Being Pregnant: Possible Meanings

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When you dream of being pregnant, it may have a specific symbolic meaning, or the dream may be literal. Pregnancy dreams are a common dream theme; women are much more likely than men to have pregnancy dreams for obvious reasons, but occasionally, a man may have a pregnancy dream as well. Discover what it means when you dream you're pregnant.

What It Means to Dream of Being Pregnant

What does it mean when you dream you're pregnant? Pregnancy as a dream theme may have a few different meanings.

It's Time to Create

One common meaning for a dream about being pregnant is that the dreamer is longing to bring forth something creative. This makes sense, since pregnancy is the ultimate act of creation. Therefore, a dream pregnancy may suggest that you have been considering creating something, and the dream is suggesting the time might be right to do so.

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You're Growing and Changing

Another possible interpretation of a pregnancy dream is that some aspect of self has been growing or changing. In this case, the dream is pointing out that these changes are happening, just as during pregnancy, the fetus is experiencing tremendous growth and change.

You Have a New Idea

Pregnancy dreams can also be a way your subconscious is making you aware of a new idea. The dream suggests that if you have an idea, it may be time to bring it into the world, to figuratively gestate and birth your idea.

You're Pregnant

Of course, pregnancy dreams can have a literal interpretation as well. Your subconscious may be pointing out to you something you're not yet consciously aware of; that you're pregnant. If you suspect this is the case, take a home pregnancy test or contact your primary healthcare provider.

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You Want to Have a Child

A pregnancy dream can also be a form of wish fulfillment; it could symbolize that you're ready to have children or to begin planning your family.

You're Anxious About Being Pregnant

It's not unusual for pregnant women to dream they're pregnant, and sometimes these dreams are a way to release your anxieties about your pending parenthood. If you know you're pregnant and the pregnancy dream is stressful, then chances are your subconscious mind is working through anxieties related to your pregnancy. Expectant parents often have a number of worries about the health of their unborn baby or their competence as parents, and pregnancy dreams can help them work through these concerns. If you are an expectant parent and have a dream about your pregnancy, it's unlikely the dream is precognitive; rather, it's likely helping you work through any anxieties you may have. If you continue to have concerns about your pregnancy or the health of your unborn child, talk to your doctor or midwife.

Meaning of Dreams About Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss in dreams, whether stillbirth or miscarriage, often symbolizes that you've recently experienced a creative loss. For example, a project you've been working on may be close to failing or have already failed, and the dream allows you to process the emotions associated with that loss or to prepare for it. It may also refer to a loss of innocence or broken trust in something or someone. These dreams can also be a way to emotionally work through a recent pregnancy loss, or, if you're expecting a child, it may reflect your anxieties about your pregnancy, your baby, or your ability to parent.

What Does It Mean to Give Birth in a Dream?

Giving birth in your dream may symbolize a new beginning. It could also be your subconscious encouraging you to bring a creative idea or project you've been considering into the world. If you're expecting, then dreaming of giving birth is likely just a reflection of the events currently occurring in your life.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream You're Pregnant?

Pregnancy dreams are fairly common, especially for women. Like other common dream symbols, you should always check in with yourself first about what you think the dream means before you turn to a dream dictionary. If you think you know what your pregnancy dream means, you're probably right. However, if you're still confused about why you're dreaming about being pregnant, then you can look to common meanings for pregnancy in dreams for more insight.

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Why Women Dream of Being Pregnant: Possible Meanings