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If you are fascinated by the concept of conscious dreaming, a lucid dream mask may spark your interest. Lucid dreaming, also called conscious dreaming, is a state in which you are aware that you are dreaming. The notion of being aware of a dream is very interesting, especially for people who want to explore the possibility of controlling their dreams.

Why Use a Lucid Dream Mask

People may want to use a lucid dream mask for many reasons but controlling their dreaming states is among the most outstanding. Inspiration for having conscious dreams include:

People who have sleep disorders, recurring nightmares or night terrors may want to discuss this type of practice with their doctors before using any lucid dream device.

How Does a Lucid Dream Mask Work?

A lucid dream mask uses LED lights and sounds that are automatically set off during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. The flashing lights and sounds are supposed to alert your mind that you are in a dreaming state. Your mind automatically incorporates the cues into the dream with heightened awareness, which may help you become aware of the dream.

The World of Lucid Dreaming offers a review of a mask that is designed to send cues when you enter REM sleep. The NovaDreamer, according to the review, provides cues, but you are responsible for engaging in a "reality check" while you are sleeping for the product to be effective. It is important to understand that the mask does not promise to automatically send you into a state of lucid dreaming; it merely provides the cues, or the opportunity to have a lucid dream.

Reality Check

A reality check during sleep is a practice that involves tapping into an awareness of your environment while you are dreaming. This process requires you to question your state when you are not conscious. "Am I dreaming?" may be enough to help you recognize your dream, but you can try other reality checks to reach this awareness, according to Infinite Minds. A test to see if you are dreaming may involve recognizing impossible or bizarre occurrences, and analyzing them.

Where to Find Masks for Lucid Dreaming

If you are confident that you will be able to practice reality checks in concordance with the cues offered by the conscious dreaming mask, you may want to explore your options. The NovaDreamer was discontinued in 2004, but a newer version is supposed to be released.

You may find the discontinued NovaDreamer on auction websites like Ebay, or you can visit The Lucidity Institute for information about the new NovaDreamer, including its impending release.

REM Dreamer is a lucid dream induction device that promises the added benefit of two-way communication between the dreamer and the mask. When you enter REM sleep, the mask sends signals and the signals increase until you signal back (while in the dreaming state) that you are aware of the signals. The two-way communication feature is optional.

Make a Lucid Dreaming Mask

Instructables offers detailed step-by step instructions to create your own conscious dream mask. It includes supplies and materials as well as the steps you need to take to program the mask.

Lucid Dreaming and Sleep Disorders

Tapping into the ability to recognize a dream as you are having it may have its benefits, but it is important to consider seeing a professional if you think that you have a sleep disorder. A product like a mask that sets off lights and sounds can disrupt your sleeping patterns, and the practice can interfere with your ability to sleep well. While exploring the world of dreams and consciousness is extremely appealing, getting enough rest is of greater importance.

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