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Shopping for a new bed can be a daunting task, especially for people with sleep problems, so it helps to explore all of your options. Emerald Sleep Systems is a division of Emerald Home Furnishings, which is a company that prides itself on outstanding quality. If you are deciding which sleep system is right for you, it may be a good idea to explore this company's products.

Emerald Home Furnishing

Emerald Home Furnishing supplies furniture for the home to retailers in North America. The company has showrooms in cities around the world, but its home office is in Tacoma, Washington. B&D Sales is the company's original name, but in 1993 the owner added a new import division called Emerald Home Furnishings that now serves as the company's designation.

The furniture company originally began as a distributor of unfinished furniture and bed frames in 1962, and it has continued to flourish, adding new lines of products along the way. In 1990, the company bought a mattress company Perfect Rest Bedding. The company offers many lines of products, including sleep systems.

Products by Emerald Sleep System

Emerald Sleep System offers a line of products that include simple bed frames and mattress sets. This division does not include bedroom furniture, but the company does sell bedroom sets in its line of furniture. Sleep systems like the Sleep Number bed have a lot of bells and whistles; Emerald sticks to the basics.

Bed frames are available in twin, full, queen and king sizes. The bed frames are iron, and they rest on convenient wheels. In addition to bed frames, Emerald offers a line of mattresses suitable for a range of preferences, from simple to sophisticated.

Simple Mattresses and Sets

Simple mattresses and sets can provide enough comfort for a good night's rest. Emerald has simple mattresses and foundations available in twin, full and queen.

  • Bunkie is a series of simple foam mattresses that pair with bed pallets rather than box springs.
  • The Factory Select model is a no-frills design that promises maximum support.
  • Perfect Rest is similar to Factory Select, but it adds white damask ticking for added comfort and quality.

Luxury Mattresses Sets

If you suffer from a sleep disorder, you may want to look for products that are comfortable and tailored to your preferences. Emerald's line of beds do not have air chambers, and they aren't adjustable like Sleep Number mattresses are. However, they are made of quality materials and they have a loyal following. Emerald's luxury mattress sets are available in sizes ranging from twin to California king.

  • Ortho is a "no flip" mattress that rests on a solid foundation box spring. The mattress has three types: firm, plush and Euro top.
  • Haven is a sleep system that uses bamboo fibers and Joma wool to create a sturdy, yet breathable surface that regulates temperature and controls moisture. The luxury bed has memory foam in its cover to relieve pressure.
  • Personal Retreat Latex uses renewable resources to make its bamboo stretch knit cover. The mattress has a foam base layer that provides support and a solid dunlop foam core with latex.
  • Revitalizer promises maximum back support ideal for people with back problems that may worsen as they lie down on surfaces that are too soft.

Comfortable Choices

Each person has unique tastes, and a bed that makes one person sleep like a baby can make another person unable to fall asleep comfortably. While Emerald Sleep Systems may be ideal for some customers, the products may not be right for everyone. It helps to explore all of your options before making a decision about the sleep system you adopt as your own.

If you have sleep problems and you want to find a bed that can help you sleep better, it may be in your best interest to consider the benefits of treating a sleep disorder. A comfortable bed can make you more relaxed, but it doesn't replace diagnosis and treatment.

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